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4 Ways sleep can rapidly improve brain function

Even one night of better sleep may help your brain.

Austin Perlmutter MD

10 Characteristics of Mentally Healthy People

People often ask Carla Shuman PH.D. what it means to be mentally healthy. Previously, she has discussed things we can all do to achieve better mental health, but people want to know what it looks like when they get there. While this looks a little different for everyone, there are some common characteristics of people who are able to maintain good mental health and build resilience.


Dealing with a new way of being during Covid-19

Well, we’ve all done a few weeks into our new regime, our new and different way of life. So how are you doing?


The effects of sleep deprivation on your brain and body

Sleep expert Matthew Walker breaks down the many effects of sleep deprivation on your brain and body. Following is a transcript of the video.


'Sleep Should Be Prescribed': what those late nights out could be costing you

Matthew Walker has learned to dread the question “What do you do?” At parties, it signals the end of his evening; thereafter, his new acquaintance will inevitably cling to him like ivy. On an aeroplane, it usually means that while everyone else watches movies or reads a thriller, he will find himself running an hours-long salon for the benefit of passengers and crew alike. “I’ve begun to lie,” he says. “Seriously. I just tell people I’m a dolphin trainer. It’s better for everyone.”


Hypnobirthing Mum who Shunned Pain Relief

A first-time mum has told how she ditched pain relief to give birth to twins naturally using ‘hypnobirthing’ techniques.


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Do you ever struggle with unwanted and intrusive negative thoughts? Do you sometimes find yourself checking the front door is locked or the kettle is definitely switched off for the umpteenth time? Do you find obsessive thinking is getting in the way of leading a positive life?


Twenty Four Hour Social Media 'Link to Teenage Anxiety'

Teenagers are getting more anxious and depressed because of the 24-hour demands of their social media accounts, researchers say.

(c) www.bbc.co.uk

Sleep makes memories more accessible, researchers find

You know that sleeping is good for your cognitive health, particularly your memory. Not only does it strengthen long-term memories, but sleep also makes them easier to access, according to a new study. The new findings suggest that after sleep, we are more likely to recall facts which we could not remember while still awake.

(c) www.naturaltherapyforall.com

Overcoming flying phobias with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Do you feel a little uneasy at the prospect of flying away for your holidays, or a little anxious when the boss sends you on a business trip that sees you take to the skies? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to that question, then Solution Focused Hypnotherapy may be able to help you overcome that minor phobia or fear that has been holding you back for a long time.


Is your lack of shuteye hurting your brain?

What sleep deprivation does to your brain in one stunning infographic!

(c) www.science.mic.com

This is what happens to your brain and body when you check your smartphone before bed

Staring at screens right before sleep turns out to be a lot worse than previously thought. Dr. Dan Siegel, clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine, lays out all of the negative effects that bedtime screen viewing can have on the brain and body.

(c) www.ukbusinessinsider.com

How to fall asleep when your mind won't shut off

Anyone who has worked with me knows that one of the most important things we can do is to get our sleep patterns sorted out so that we deal with life in a better way! When we're suffering with anxiety though, it can be very difficult to stop thoughts bombarding us as we settle down to sleep at night. Follow this link for some very useful tips on how to switch off at night!

(c) www.mindbodygreen.com

Hypnotherapy Can Help Nervous Flyers

Easter is a time when you may be dreaming of that summer holiday and jetting off somewhere hot and sunny, but for a significant number of people the idea of getting onto a plane can make them feel quite nervous.


Weight Management with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

As we get closer to those Christmas and New Year parties, you may be thinking about shedding a few pounds to fit into that party dress or dinner jacket. If so, you may want to consider the benefits of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to help you.


The Science of Positive Thinking: How Positive Thoughts Build Your Skills, Boost Your Health and Improve Your Work

Positive thinking sounds useful on the surface. (Most of us would prefer to be positive rather than negative.) But "positive thinking" is also a soft and fluffy term that is easy to dismiss. In the real world, it rarely carries the same weight as words like "work ethic" or "persistence."

But those views may be changing.

(c) www.huffingtonpost.com

Reducing stress with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

With the sunshine fading and the nights starting to draw in, it’s not uncommon for people to experience a low mood in the Autumn months, especially if we have enjoyed a summer break with a spot of sun, sea, and sand.


Foods that help you sleep better

Trying to get more shut-eye? Take a look at your diet. Eating the right foods in the hours before you hit the hay may help you fall asleep faster, say experts, and even improve the quality of your sleep. Click on the link below for your get-sleepy grocery list, and remember to stop noshing two hours before bedtime to give your body enough time to properly digest!

(c) www.healthdigezt.com

The Dangers of Prolonged Stress

The dangers of prolonged stress on our psychological and physical well-being can have quite an effect on us. Our early ancestors faced very real hazards on a daily basis resulting in the development of stress responses to enable our survival against predators and aggressors. We are hard-wired to respond to perceived threats by secreting the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. In reality, we rarely face life-threatening situations, but we still have the in-built automatic response which activates when our minds perceive we are in danger, regardless of whether the threat is real or not.


The science of blue light and why you maybe can't sleep at night

Your smartphone addiction isn’t helping you sleep. In fact, an obscure chemical reaction may be keeping you awake. The latest Reactions video looks at the process that connects your late-night texts to your lack of sleep.

(c) myscienceacademy.org

Mother's Day Offer

If you're looking for something different for your Mum for Mother's Day, why not purchase one of my Hypnotherapy Relaxation vouchers? See below for details ...


Spring Clean for the Brain!

The month of March sees an interesting awareness day ‘Old Stuff Day,’ a day to sort, sift, organise, and de-clutter our environments. But what about an environment that lives inside of us that we sometimes don't even realise needs a good clear out from time to time? The environment I'm referring to is our brain!


The Power of the Placebo

This programme is a must see about placebos and the physical changes in the brain that occur ... fascinating programme that also included an endorsement for hypnotherapy!

(c) www.bbc.co.uk

Hypnotherapy in the News!

Actress Hetty Baynes: Hypnotherapy taught me how to conquer my demons. Actress and former wife of film director Ken Russell, Hetty Baynes, has suffered from crippling anxiety, eating disorders and depression since her childhood. She explains how she turned her life around.

(c) Express

Can't Sleep, Won't Sleep? Hypnotherapy For Insomnia‏

I am turning my attention this month to a health issue that has had a lot of coverage recently - Insomnia, the inability to get off or stay asleep.


How much can an extra hour's sleep change you?

The average Briton gets six-and-a-half hours' sleep a night, according to the Sleep Council. Michael Mosley took part in an unusual experiment to see if this is enough.

(c) BBC

The UK's Leading Expert In Mindfulness Explains How It Can Make You Happier

If you feel like your life is getting slightly out of control, or like you're not getting enough done, or simply that you're going from one day to the next just trying to get by, mindfulness might be for you.

(c) 2013 Huffington Post

Itching for a cure? Hypnotherapy can help with skin conditions

As many of us who have suffered from skin conditions will know, peeling off those extra layers of clothing and exposing skin to the summer sunshine may be good for us, but we don’t want others to see our skin!


Hypnotherapy targets exam stress!

As many people start to revise (or cram) for those oh-so-important examinations this summer, I am highlighting the issue of stress that can be caused by them.


Bad sleep 'dramatically' alters body

This research is really interesting; most of my clients present with disturbed sleep and this reminds us how important it is to get our fair quota of the zzzs!

(c) 2013 BBC News

Sharing positive experiences boosts happiness

Researchers say that sharing positive experiences with others makes us even happier; the wonderful effect of mirror neurons in the brain!

(c) 2013 Positive News

Let's get motivated this spring with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy!

Now that spring has finally sprung, it can be a good time to look forward to new beginnings and to the positive changes you want to make. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help individuals achieve the change they desire, whilst keeping their motivation levels high.